The Colour-Coded Reading and Writing System
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Margaret Chen

                    Margaret Chen


Inventor/Originator of Reading in Colour:

The Colour Coded Reading and Writing System

Philosophy of Reading in Colour

To provide the gift of reading success for every child 

Dedicated to:

Literacy and Numeracy                                                     Language and Linguistics                                                       Literature and Life-long Learning


Reading in Colour is for readers:

  • challenged by spelling and correct pronunciation
  • struggling with reading words and sentences
  • experiencing difficulties with letter/sound recognition
  • having difficulties learning English as an Additional Language
  • stuttering because of reading challenges
  • experiencing dyslexia


  • help with clear and accurate pronunciation of words
  • quickly see spelling patterns and rhyming sounds in words 
  • enhance reading for meaning
  • rapidly expand the word bank
  • enhance memory dexterity
  • exercise mental gymnastics
  • build word visualization skills
  • anchor sight co-ordination
  • develop automated cross-referencing skills
  • empowers independent reading


Reading in Colour Educational Books, Resources and the Cognitive-Based Teaching Approach is designed to achieve rapid reading success. For a  free introductory presentation, please complete the form above and subscribe to the Reading in Colour prodigy class of  “Genius Readers.”